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How to build a powerful brand that makes audience growth and sales 10x easier...

without spending a fortune on professional branding services or advertising!

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Your branding has ONE job-

to make you more money.

With the right branding in place, sales get easier, building an audience happens quickly, and business is FUN!

But if you aren't quite there yet in your business, it's likely that there are a few common (but BAD) pieces of advice out there that are holding you back.

It's not your fault...  But you have the power to fix it, and FAST!

Truth's you'll UNLOCK


How to make branding the MVP of your sales team

Have you ever heard the advice to "sell now, invest in branding later?"  Learn why that is completely backwards... and how to invest in professional branding without the professional price tag.


Why social media isn't working...
(but what 100% does)

There's a lot of popular advice out there right now about recording reels, following trends, and making sure you get on Tik-Tok, but none of that matters if you are without the right strategy.


How to increase sales without a big ad budget

Most marketing gurus will tell you the the key to fast growth is more ad spend.  But that's kinda like throwing darts at a target while blindfolded.  Let's talk about what to do instead.

Competing Is Hard Work.

Standing out is way more fun.

We all have competition.  You do.  I do.  Even Coca-Cola and Google do.  There's no escaping it.

You can try to compete.  But that feels a little like a slow and painful hike up a crumbling slope.

Or, you can learn how to utilize a powerful strategy to stop competing and start standing out.

Ready to learn how?

Sandra Review

Meet your branding coach

Hi, I'm Alyssa, founder of Your Brand Chemist and the Brand Collaborative. I've been a business owner for over 2 decades, and it wasn't easy at the beginning. In fact, I struggled for a while, because I was following some popular marketing advice... and it turned out to be all wrong.

Once I decided I was done with the struggle bus, I spent nearly a decade studying everything I could about branding, marketing, and what REALLY works. I had a deep need to know- why are some businesses immediately successful, while others endlessly struggle?

Now I own a successful branding and design agency, where I implement and teach what I've learned. I've seen the power of the RIGHT branding at work over and over again. It's nothing magical... it's the power of having the right foundation.

Ready to build a powerful brand that makes audience growth and sales 10x easier?

Grab the free training now and learn how to do it without spending a small fortune on professional branding or advertising!

@Alyssa McGrew Enterprises, 2023